Because no one is going to respect your time the way you will. No one is going uphold your time as valuable as you will. So you will have to remind others your time is not to be wasted just because they waste their time.


Earlier this afternoon I rescheduled a phone interview with a company for a position I was partially interested in. It was close to home. Offered great perks. Reasonable salary. But my point of contact with the company no showed our first call. I scheduled the call for when I got off of work so I wouldn’t be distracted and be comfortable. Made it home on time. And after waiting five minutes, I called my contact who didn’t respond. Left him a voicemail. Followed up my voicemail with a email to confirm I had the right date and time. A week later, I got a response. He had the flu.

But there was no one else in the office who could’ve filled in for you?

So we rescheduled.

Until he no showed once again.

He had gotten sick… again. Guess who else was getting sick? Me! For putting up with a company that seemed not value anyone else’s time. But I told myself the 3rd time would be the charm.

Today was the 3rd time. No charm. All disappointment.

After waiting 15 minutes, I sent an email letting my contact know that I appreciated him wanting to speak with me and learning more about my skill set for the opening but that I was no longer interested in the position.

And I’m not. Because I can only imagine if this is how they treat the interview process, I would hate to learn how they would treat me as an employee. I think I just dodged a bullet.

As well as had to remind another that my time isn’t to play with. Because it isn’t.

People forget. You are not them. And they need to treat you according to you and not how they treat themselves. You deserve the same.

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