I always wish I had more time to volunteer. No, really, I do. I’m not trying to sound super noble here, just real. And I really wish I had more time to volunteer.

Last year, I only volunteered twice. Two times. Not really an impressive number. And in my heyday, I was a regular when it came to logging in those feel good hours. I used to be an Adult Tutor through the Los Angeles Public Library system. I volunteered a little over a year with the LAPD at the Central Station Downtown and I volunteered on a friend’s campaign while he was running for city Councilman. And have countless hours for volunteering at the church I attended when I was younger, but those were “volun-told” hours.

I know what feels good to me, to spend my time on and what I believe in to give something of myself to. And as I’ve gotten busier and I’ve added more things to my plate over the years, it’s harder to find the time to give back they way I used to or the way I want to. My perspective has shifted and I’ve become almost narrow minded in my personal pursuit.

But the reality is, I don’t always need to be attached to an organization or an monstrous cause to feel like I’m giving back or being of service. I can give of myself on a smaller scale in a more personal way.

And I do.

I give my advice, my time and my ideas… to other women on a similar pursuit as me. I’ve heard for the longest time ever since I’ve decided I wanted to be my own boss, that “it takes money to make money.”

Not all the time. I think it takes a sounding board. Someone to talk to who shares your experience or knows what it’s like to be where you are. I think it takes a brainstorming session with like minded individuals. I think it takes free exchange of information to weed through the bad ideas. And I believe we all get this level of access to ideas and knowledge when we’re willing to give something of ourselves to someone else.

Now you may argue that I’m giving only to women like me and that’s not really giving.

SAYS WHO? That’s my time I’m donating to – yes, aspiring intelligent women on a mission – and I believe whole heartedly in them and in their dreams that I will give whatever I can to them to help them get on their way. That’s a cause I can stand behind 110%.

So… are you giving back to an idea that means something to you?

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