It feels good to have something go right in my life plan right now. It really does. And I literally make a life plan every year, very similar to someone who makes a business plan. The only difference between my personal plan and a business plan is that my plans are written out in 6 month increments. And it’s not because I don’t have a vision for myself. I do. Pleeeeasssseee read some of my earlier posts as to my obsession with side hustlin’ and turning my hustles in a self sustaining and successful business. I got vision.

However, a plan requires thought and estimates as to what steps need to be taken. It requires actions that need to be executed to accomplish the goal. And for me, I can only see 6 months down the road as to what I could do to get there. Now, whether I’m correct in assuming what steps need to be taken is one thing. But I study what I’ve been doing to help me gauge where I need to be going.

The other day I was sitting with my friend, Elle, when she stumbled across my 2019 life plan on my kitchen table and saw items that I highlighted in yellow signifying they’ve been accomplished. And she was proud of me. I was proud of me. Understand we were on third bottle of wine that night so we could’ve been in our feelings, but I starting seeing myself in the early stages of my dream. I started seeing the foundation I was laying and had spent so many years working to establish.

It’s not huge. It’s far from completed. But it’s a firm start. It’s my start. And it’s moving me forward.

What does your foundation look like?

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