WHEN: It Feels Like It’s Falling Into Place

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, because sweet it is.

I’ve been interviewing for a position at a nonprofit for the past couple of weeks and as of this past Monday they offered me the position and I accepted it. And was thrilled to learn it pays 29% more than what I’m making now, has more benefits and after my first two days, I’ll be flying to New York for a retreat of theirs.

Holla, holla!

This is great news especially having received it on the eve of my birthday. Best birthday gift to myself… ever!!!

But… that doesn’t mean my side hustling days are through. Not by a long shot. It just means I’ll be able to better fund the dream. And the dream is to still be self employed. That’s the prize and my eyes are still on it. But this new job at this new company means I’ll get the opportunity to learn from a real business how to run a business, how to treat employees and because it’s a nonprofit, how to work with what you’ve got. Which I think I got that a handle on that so far.

Yes, it feels like I’m moving closer to the goal and that feels great. One step at a time.

This Week’s Goal: Clearing My Plate

Caught up… mostly. I feel like I’d be completely caught up if I removed everything off my plate. No looming website that needs to be completed, no overdue resume and cover letter for a friend I promised. No personal portfolio that needs to be recreated for me. I want to get it all done and clear of my plate. I want to start this new chapter with a clean slate.

I had some stuff for my real estate client I was able to push out in four days despite her postponing the project for two weeks. I wanted it completed and done it so I did it. I got it over with.

Just as I want everything else.

I want to get back to reading books monthly. Meeting with friends after work…I which I did schedule for next Friday. (Whoop, whoop. Happy to be acting my age once again.) Taking classes and courses. Fine tuning a craft or hobby. I need to throw myself at myself. I need to make time for me-like activities. Work and working on the dream is fine and dandy, but I also need to avoid burning out. And I think my removing these last few pending tasks will help me get there.

So, that’s my goal this week. Clearing off my plate so I can create me time activities.

Sound reasonable?

Get Motivated: Finding Your Tribe

Connect, Bond & Unite

This past Sunday, I attended a women’s writing workshop in the Leimert Park area that I found via MeetUp. I was really excited to be going and to be a part of this hopefully ongoing experience. And although originally 10 of us were scheduled to meet, 5 of us showed up in the rain and had ourselves a productive time. Even with a small turnout, our backgrounds were very diverse and everyone seemed to be doing something different. Two of the women were sci-fi/ fantasy writers, two women had podcasts, one woman was currently working in communications writing, another was a script writer.

Didn’t I say there was 5 of us? Yes. A lot of the women had multiple projects going on which Ioved because they were like… me. I had found a tribe to belong to.

Now, I know I’ve mentioned the importance of finding one’s tribe before and I still stand on that belief that having women of like mindness to be part of is a key to our individual success. And on Sunday, I got to live that experience, if only for 2 hours.

As a writing group, most of our conversation took place at the beginning and end of our MeetUp, which was enough time for us writers to get to know one another, exchange information, connect and start building a bond.

A tribe takes a minute to build. It’s not going to happen overnight. It takes time. Just like friendships. Just like relationships. But finding people to support you, to encourage you, to cheer you on, to give you feedback and be a resource to you is important. It helps us be accountable to ourselves but also helps us stay committed.

Have you found your tribe yet?

Money Matters: Get You a Side Hustle

If don’t have a side I hope you’re already living your dream. And if so, 👏👏👏👏👏👏. Do you, boo!

But if not, why not? It’s been reported and polled and studied that, in U.S. at least, between 70-80% of people hate their job. I’m one of them!!! But unlike the bulk of the country who would rather call out sick than drag their crushed souls into the office Monday through Friday, I have a side hustle. I have a few, in fact. And I roll my eyes to those who do not have a side hustle at all.

Sorry, not sorry.

In all seriousness, how can anyone complain about a job they feel pays them too little and works them too hard not do anything about it? I never understood that.

Now, you may think that person can just start looking for another job but let me ask this: do you really think they’re going to find everything from that one new job?

I’m gonna go with no. And that’s ok. Its almost weird if a job is completely satisfactory that we don’t need to look anywhere else to fill our voids. Even a decent or good job may lack some soul-purpose elements.

But to work at job and not have a side hustle in the city is almost dangerous. We have rising rents, fees coming at us left and right, and for 61% of us (allegedly), no savings. I mean, why don’t you just get the lighter fluid and matches now?

Okay. Sorry, sorry. Too far. But, was it really?

2017 and 2018 were some pretty expensive years as Los Angeles made it’s way to being the 3rd most expensive city in the county. Being beat out by only New York and San Francisco. And I don’t see 2019 being a generous one. So I tell everyone who has the mindset to hear it, get you a side hustle.

If for no other reasons, for these two:

  1. Build your non existing savings or to beef it up
  2. To add more skills under your belt and become more you desirable to lucrative prospective employers (bosses who will pay you better)

In other words, a side hustle is the easiest and quickest way to increase your net worth, help you build wealth and develop and build skills.

Your job now may be about your career or a bridge to your career. But a side hustle is all about staying in the black.

Be The Right Kind of Giver

I always wish I had more time to volunteer. No, really, I do. I’m not trying to sound super noble here, just real. And I really wish I had more time to volunteer.

Last year, I only volunteered twice. Two times. Not really an impressive number. And in my heyday, I was a regular when it came to logging in those feel good hours. I used to be an Adult Tutor through the Los Angeles Public Library system. I volunteered a little over a year with the LAPD at the Central Station Downtown and I volunteered on a friend’s campaign while he was running for city Councilman. And have countless hours for volunteering at the church I attended when I was younger, but those were “volun-told” hours.

I know what feels good to me, to spend my time on and what I believe in to give something of myself to. And as I’ve gotten busier and I’ve added more things to my plate over the years, it’s harder to find the time to give back they way I used to or the way I want to. My perspective has shifted and I’ve become almost narrow minded in my personal pursuit.

But the reality is, I don’t always need to be attached to an organization or an monstrous cause to feel like I’m giving back or being of service. I can give of myself on a smaller scale in a more personal way.

And I do.

I give my advice, my time and my ideas… to other women on a similar pursuit as me. I’ve heard for the longest time ever since I’ve decided I wanted to be my own boss, that “it takes money to make money.”

Not all the time. I think it takes a sounding board. Someone to talk to who shares your experience or knows what it’s like to be where you are. I think it takes a brainstorming session with like minded individuals. I think it takes free exchange of information to weed through the bad ideas. And I believe we all get this level of access to ideas and knowledge when we’re willing to give something of ourselves to someone else.

Now you may argue that I’m giving only to women like me and that’s not really giving.

SAYS WHO? That’s my time I’m donating to – yes, aspiring intelligent women on a mission – and I believe whole heartedly in them and in their dreams that I will give whatever I can to them to help them get on their way. That’s a cause I can stand behind 110%.

So… are you giving back to an idea that means something to you?

Happy Friday: Just Under the Surface

Happ happy Friday! Yes, it’s the freakin’ weekend and I got mad plans going down for February.

Next Tuesday is my birthday and I’ll be turning the big 3-4. Momentous, but I think that of every birthday every year. I’m taking the day off to enjoy myself and the company I’ll be with. I’ll be in Palms Springs for the better part of the day, which is nice. This Saturday I will be shooting my dearest friend, Elissa, at her place for her book promo. She’s dropping a plant based recipe book this June for Newbies, like myself. A must get if you want to incorporate a healthier lifestyle this year.

I’ll be attending a women’s writing workshop this Sunday in the Leimert Park area. Very excited about it since it’s turned into a wait list event, so I’m glad I got in early.

Next Saturday I’ll be hosting my second Discount Notary Day for the year at a new Starbucks location off of La Cienga and Jefferson. Notarizations are $10 that day.

And I am anxiously but patiently waiting to hear back from a job I am hoping to get. I had two successful interviews with over the course of these last two weeks. Been looking at resignation letter examples today. Found the perfect one. It’s one sentence long. Which is the sentiment for where I’m at with my current job and company.

So, yeah, happy freakin’ Friday!!!

WHEN… You Gotta Remind Others of Your Time

Because no one is going to respect your time the way you will. No one is going uphold your time as valuable as you will. So you will have to remind others your time is not to be wasted just because they waste their time.


Earlier this afternoon I rescheduled a phone interview with a company for a position I was partially interested in. It was close to home. Offered great perks. Reasonable salary. But my point of contact with the company no showed our first call. I scheduled the call for when I got off of work so I wouldn’t be distracted and be comfortable. Made it home on time. And after waiting five minutes, I called my contact who didn’t respond. Left him a voicemail. Followed up my voicemail with a email to confirm I had the right date and time. A week later, I got a response. He had the flu.

But there was no one else in the office who could’ve filled in for you?

So we rescheduled.

Until he no showed once again.

He had gotten sick… again. Guess who else was getting sick? Me! For putting up with a company that seemed not value anyone else’s time. But I told myself the 3rd time would be the charm.

Today was the 3rd time. No charm. All disappointment.

After waiting 15 minutes, I sent an email letting my contact know that I appreciated him wanting to speak with me and learning more about my skill set for the opening but that I was no longer interested in the position.

And I’m not. Because I can only imagine if this is how they treat the interview process, I would hate to learn how they would treat me as an employee. I think I just dodged a bullet.

As well as had to remind another that my time isn’t to play with. Because it isn’t.

People forget. You are not them. And they need to treat you according to you and not how they treat themselves. You deserve the same.

This Week’s Goal: Getting Caught Up

I hate to admit it, especially with it only being the first week of February, but I’m a little behind. I wrote out my 6-month plan for the year, beautifully, by the way, before 2019 startrd. But I’m a little off track. So my goal for the week is the figure out how much off track I am from where I’m supposed to be, get back on track and figure out how to keep the momentum moving. Reading various materials about success and break throughs, they seem to say it happens when you’re working. Which is almost like a “duh”, but I think they’re implying that you’ve gotta be consistent in your work and focused on your goals.

So getting me on track will align me right back with consistent and deliberate actions. Specific actions bring about specific results. So…let’s get too it.

Working 5 to 9: Pockets of Time

Right now, right now (ish)… I am in a meeting with a client of mine I’ve been working with since 2013. We’re meeting a Starbucks in the Pico-Robertson area. And I’m not suppose to be at work (my 9 to 5) for another hour and half. And it’s like this. Often enough.

I’ve talked about hustling around your schedule and finding times to meet with client. But I live that life. I negotiate with clients not just with fees but when to meet. Because, yes, it would be more convenient for them to meet at one o’clock in the afternoon. I would like that too. But I’m working. At a job that covers the bills. And I’m not ready just yet to jeopardize that job for a client whose fees may cover one bill. Not there yet. So I have to comprise. I have make time even when I rather be sleeping in.

So here I am at Starbucks meeting my client after her kids’ carpool drop off and before she has to meet one of her clients. Just another day in the life of.

Know this feeling?