It is so easy to get bogged down with the crap life shoots at us — work, friends (if they’re still talking to us), family, the side hustle, our health, our home, errands and chores, unexpected expenses — that we forget to shine. And what I mean by forgetting to “shine” is we forget to put our best face forward. No, I don’t mean our phoniest face. I’ve worked in customer service for a few years, so I got a phony face and a phony voice, so I know the difference. I mean your best face. The face you have when everything is going right. When the clients have paid their invoices on time, when no one was late to the meeting, when the wi-fi was working smoothly, when that project turns into a repeat client. That face. That’s the best face we can have because it exudes confidence. It exudes control. It exudes peace and sanity. And it feels good. It feels like we got this and we know exactly what we’re doing. It feels like we’re the expert and everyone is seeking us out (and paying us for our knowledge, obviously) for our expertise.

Put that face on. Put that face on even when you don’t have any clients. When you have to hound clients to pay their outstanding invoices or negotiate payment plans. When you’ve been waiting over 30 minutes for a client who said they were 5 minutes away 10 minutes ago. When you have to transfer $40 from your savings account to your checking account to make sure your automatic bills get paid.


Shine when things are wonderful and when your back is against the wall. Shine. Because no matter the problem or the person, you’re bigger than them.

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