One action. It takes just one positive action in what you’re doing to create a ripple effect that affects other areas of life.

My new job. I know I said I was going to stay quiet about it, but I’m still not even a month into it so it should be fair game still. But since I’ve started my new job, other areas of my life have seen positive changes as well. Areas of my life I didn’t think were directly connected to having a new job. Such as…? My social life for starters. I haven’t had one full weekend day in which I’ve stayed at home all day. Dining out with friends, dining with friends, workshops this, meetups here – it just feels like I’m connecting and reconnecting with people out of the blue.

And I’m enjoying it.

What else I’ve experienced that seems to be a positive ripple effect from my new job? My hustles have increased. Last week, I just met with a custom cabinet builder who was referred to me by a friend of mine. The cabinet builder wants me to design a simple website for. I said sure. My fee for my service: $275. I have a repeat client working some details out for a campaign she wanted to work on later this month. I’ve had two notary clients a week apart from one another. Another waiting in the wings.

If I knew that changing jobs — changing to a better job — would have this kind of positive impact on my life and not just my bank account, I would’ve hustled harder to switch companies and jobs.

But live and learn they say.

But more importantly, I wanted to show that taking one action — one positive action — can lead to positive results. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always heard that saying but I rarely experienced it. And now that I’ve have and can recall it, I feel like a woman on a mission. Gonna tell it on the mountain, yes I am.

So, my challenge to you is to find one action to take that will have a positive ripple effect in the rest of your life. I don’t know what that would for you but find it. Define it. Write it down. One thing. One thing that if could change today, would just raise your spirits and subsequently elevate everything else in your life.

My challenge was a new job. I needed a new and better paying job to better finance my dreams and goals. What’s yours?

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