It’s week four since I started a new job with new responsibilities. It’s a position I feel committed to not just because I’m the new kid on the block and I need to prove myself, but also because I actually believe in the mission of the organization. I hold it close to my heart. And with such a close connection to work, other aspects in my life have been feeling rocky.

My circle of friends has always been small but it feels smaller now that I care about doing a good job at my job. Ironic, right? So I’ve unintentionally bailed out on plans I made to hang out. I haven’t reached out to connect, reconnect or meetup. Sadly, other people have had to make the gesture first, but I should be making those connections too. In maintaining healthy relationships, whatever they may be, all parties should be invested… equally.

My side hustles. I still have a few regulars, one new project, but I’m already behind. It sucks. Because it is my side hustling I feel will propel me to my career aspirations. And I’m behind on that? Not good.

So, now I’m working on a plan to get some order back into my life. This new job was suppose to be a financial boost to a short paycheck problem I’ve been experiencing over the past few years. It’s not the be all to end all. But it’s not a position I despise either. I feel this role can be extremely rewarding. Just not all consuming as it feels right now. I really feel all over the place with work, side hustling and my notary business.

Oh, my notary business? I’ve had two clients this month but I haven’t been marketing as strongly as I have been in recent months or should be. Another byproduct of feeling out of sorts

Can anyone relate?

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