I met up with a friend of mine from the old job this past Monday to catch up on everything. We hadn’t seen each other since January of this year. And to add a little nostalgia to our get -together that evening, we had dinner at one of out favorite ramen places in K-Town.

So we gabbed and talked and shared and laughed the night away, but as women typically do, we started talking about some of the more intimate details taking place in our lives. For my friend, it was working on her master’s degree and spending time with her boyfriend. For me, it was finding time to spend with people. And as we were talking about how we went about these important things, she remembered that how I hustling all the time and wanted to know if I still had all these “side things” going on.

But, of course! Her next question was as to how? On paper, it does seem like a lot is going on with me: new full time job, part time business, marketing the part time biz, side gigs in marketing in general, this blog and a book I just recently finished writing. In reality, I don’t work on all of this every day. That would be exhausting and almost impossible. I chop of my tasks through out the week so they are more manageable for me.

I schedule myself to write twice a week. I only perform a notarization when called. Usually, I create my marketing content on those occasions. I work five days a week at my job. I’ve been taking on other gigs from repeat clients or referrals only this year. And all this maneuvering around allows to do one the important things. Spend time with the people who matter to me.

I think it’s very important to have a life even when you’re side hustling. And when I say have a life, I don’t mean go to the movies or hanging out at bars. I mean making time for people. Keeping up with your connections. Checking in on people. Spending time people. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

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