So, it’s been a bittersweet week. My nearest and dearest, Elle, is back in North Carolina. She left a month and half earlier than her orginal plans because the people she drastically changed her life for… well, let’s jsut say no matter how well we think we know people, they can always surprise. And not always in the way we like. I’m sad she’s gone, but I know this will give me an excuse to visit her in North Carolina.

But, she plans to move back to L.A. officially when the time is right. It feels like a best friend is moving out state and I’ll never see them again. And in a way, much for that did happen. But these past four months have been wonderful to have her back and I’m sad to see her go. She’s part of my tribe. She’s my sounding board, my confidant. My business sister.

But we’ll reconnect in person in due time. I am happy for her she’ll finally get the peace of mind she lacked while she was here. They say, everything happens for a reason.

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