Foodie Friday: Living in My Purpose

I must say… this journey I’ve been on has opened my eyes to many things from the way people treat you, to the way you treat people. The lack of respect people have. The energy people bring. The ambition and priorities of people and the lack thereof.

This journey has taught me to be patient and kind. To not be reactive and instead be quiet and distant. To value and prioritize myself among all. If those around you don’t value who you are slowly move into the direction where you are valued.

This journey has taught me peace instead of anger, happy instead of sad, and living life because it’s the only one you get.

Through this journey, I am more sure of myself than I’ve ever been and GOD has placed me in position that has tested my strength and yet I have prevailed. The universe has been on my side and I’ve been able to unfold many great opportunities…

…to think, it all started with the mindset to change my life, which started with what I was eating.

… blessed…

Elissa “Elle” Mirsky

Chief Executive J.U.N.K.I.E.
J.U.N.K. Just Utilizing Nature’s Krops LLC

Happy Friday: The Theatrics of It All

Doesn’t it always feel like short weeks are just as long as regular weeks? It’s like losing a day didn’t make a difference in the workload, but only in the moment of not being at work. But regardless of that illusion of a feeling, the week’s end is here. And it couldn’t have arrived any sooner.

It’s been weird on the job since my direct manager gave her 30 day notice. She and the director have barely been speaking and I’ve bern feeling like the child caught up in a custody battle. But, it is what it is.

However, the best advice I received regarding this change was not to get caught up in the theatrics of it all. And definitely don’t let it derail my bigger plans. So that will be the goal until I too am ready to vacate my role.

Stay on task and do not get distracted.

Small Hustles Into Big Gains

I’m a personal believer that if you want to succeed, accomplish or tackle anything in life, you gotta start somewhere. And oftentimes, “somewhere” is a small, tiny place only you can see. Believe you me, I know. But starting small doesn’t mean you have to stay there. It’s just a place you gain experience, you get familiar, to better understand and even to be inspired from.

I’m going to be sharing some links and information in the coming weeks I think a hesitant but in the making hustler can dip their toes in a s see if they like the water. After all, I hope you’re reading my site because you’re interested in earning extra money you can be in control over.

For those of you skeptics who are curious if you can (some kind of) money online, try CoinOut:

It’s like the Ibotta app, although every receipt earns money back. Not a lot and not all at once, but it’s something. And when you’ve reached a $20 threshold, you can transfer the funds to your bank or open on online savings account with HSBC with a 2.23% interest rate. Just sayin’.

Big goals aren’t always accomplished they way you imagined. So take a chance and try something different.

WHEN: Others Start Sharing Their Truths

So… both the Director and Branch Manager at my job shared with me yesterday, that the Branch Manager is leaving the company. She gave her 30 day notice. When the Director told me yesterdayafternoon, I feign sadness. I don’t dislike the Branch Manager. However, I’ve only been at my job for three months. As I am delving into my role and really understanding my responsibilities to this organization, I’ve only recently started to form attachments to people. So, having someone leave while I’m still new isn’t heart breaking for me. It happened at thE last job, so it’s only fitting that it’s happening here.

However, I got two separate stories from both of them as how the Branch Manager’s departure came to be. Without going into too much detail, I feel a little apprehensive about going into work tomorrow knowing what I know. Which is too much! But, the question asked myself on the way home after hearing everything was: would I have rather been kept in the dark unable to defend myself or would I rather know where the land mines are?

Obvious answer, right?

With that said, the truth is, no job is perfect. And to expect this job to be so because the workplace I came from was the polar opposite would be naive of me. But when people start speaking their truth, especially in the workplace, I listen. I absorb. I make sure I hear their sh*t loud and clear because the one thing I promised myself is that I will not let another ICT (acronym for the old job) experience happen to me.

When people share their experiences, listen. They’re sharing it with you for a reason.

This Week’s Goal: Less TV, More Focus

I been whining about how sluggish I’ve been feeling throughout this May. I go to work, give a 100%, then come home but somehow am too tired to give myself even 10%. Which is not what we hustlers are about. Granted, we don’t have endless energy and stamina. And we probably face burnout much more than the average person, but to come home and not even try to give something for myself. This was becoming unacceptable very quickly.

So I took a step back and examine critical actions I wasn’t taking or those I was making excuses for. Like, why am I watching so much TV? No, seriously. I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Prime. Which means, I’ll never miss a show or movie. It’ll be there as long as I’m still interested in watching it. So why was I wasting value hours on the flat screen boob tube? Procrastination? Avodiance? Laziness? D, all of the above. Or, I’m assuming as much.

So, my goal this week is to start removing distractions. First, with TV. Sorry, Netflix. How I’ve come to love to watch your new shows and movies. But I need to utilize the small amount of time I have after work to focus on my goals. And those goals are to become successfully and abundantly self employed.

Care to join me?

Working 5 to 9: The Juggling Game

It seems like when we become comfortable with our side hustles and we have regular clients, we’re constantly juggling between the various elements in our lives. Whether that’s work, the side hustle, family, friends, passion projects, caring for a loved, our pets, volunteering or whatever else incredible busy ambitious and busy women do these days. We have a lot on our plate.

But when we’re juggle between multiple side hustles, it can become challenging to know how to transition from one to the next.

This past Sunday, if you were catching up with me, I had clients I needed to see in two opposite directions in town and was able to get to them both on time miraculously. What I didn’t share was that I had to cancel on meeting a new person for my writing passion project that I’ve been planning for a couple of weeks. That kind of suck. I met her via the NextDoor app and discovered she lives relatively close to me. And she’s an aspiring writer and I like to think of myself as an aspiring writer. So we had plans to meet this past Sunday at 12pm at a cafe she knew of in the mid point between us.

Well, while working with my website client, at 11:15am I wouldn’t be able to make it to see her in time. And I was bummed out about it. So I sent her a text, explaining I was with a client but wouldn’t be able to meet her at our agreed upon time. I asked if we could reschedule. She seemed really okay with it and happy that I gave her notice before she made her way over to the cafe. But I just felt so bad I couldn’t keep that commitment.

Juggling all these things on my plate feels like a combination of luck and art. It’s about timing my schedule appointments so I give myself room to go over schedule without being late to the next appointment your. And I thought I was doing that. I just didn’t think I’d be working with the first client for nearly 4.5 hours! Sheesh!

Although, I am happy to say that I’m almost done with the website for the client. I’ll send him an email notice, have him review the final draft and collect my $125 balance that I am owed.

The only the good about juggling so many different projects is when they get finished, you can move it off your to-do list.

Why We Call It Memorial Day – Suresh Krause

We weren’t close, but we knew each other. We went to college together. We partied together. He was a cool guy. Seemed to be nice to everyone he met. Never appeared full of himself or cocky (and he was a good looking guy, so he easily could’ve been if he wanted to). He was all around a pretty good guy to know and hang out with.

But he died. At 29. In Afghanistan serving our country. He served in the military after studying Aeronautical Science. That’s fancy talk for he was in school to be a pilot. And he was. Shortly after he graduated he was a pilot in the U.S. Army. He didn’t have a wife or kids just yet. He was just establishing his career. And he died. So young. So soon.

He’s probably the 5th or 6th person who I’ve gone to college with who’s died from the time I was a colliegate to now as an alum. But Suresh is the only person of my fellow classmates who served his country before his untimely death.

It was sad to learn that he died. I cried a little. To know someone who’s only a couple of years older than myself be taken from this life so young and early is a sad thought. To know that life can be cut so soon is a sad thought.

I no longer say,” Happy Memorial Day”. Happy? What is happy about good people who are no longer here? What is happy about young life lost? What is happy about having a connection to someone who died too soon? No, there’s nothing happy about a memorial. But if we want to celebrate their life, I’m on board. After all, isn’t that why we call is Memorial Day? In their memory, we honor their sacrifice and their life so the rest of us could have the freedoms we enjoy regularly.

Today, I remember Suresh Krause, the moments our paths crossed, the times we hung out and the life shared with others while he was here.

Inside the Hustle: Notary Client (Deja Vu)

Remember that notary client I saw yesterday near the Beverly Hills area? Well, I am servicing them again! Repeat clients are my favorite clients!

I left my website client in North Hollywood after spending nearly 4 and a half hours with him and now I’m headed to South LA where the client has his business to meet him for his additional notary needs.

I’m in the backseat of this Uber, nauseous as hell because I haven’t eaten all day and I haven’t had a break in between clients. And I get motion sick when I read in a moving vehicle. But would you believe, I still love doing this?

Inside the Hustle: Website Building

Sitting here with Federico working in his website for his busineds: Serrao Cabinets. This project I’ve been working slowly on because I am on his schedule. Which, I like. I use to rush clients because I needed to get paid because I had such a horrible job – ICT – but not anymore.

Now, I take my time, I go at my client’s pace. Sometimes I go a little slower, but no need to rush. Because I make sure I have a manageable rotation of clients to keep me busy and paid.

Inside the Hustle: Notarizing a Power of Attorney

This is my third time visiting an (actual) client at a rehabilitation/nursing home. And I must say, it’s sad. The situation, at least. Coming to the point of your life that you need to give someone the power to make decisions over your well being and your livelihood should you no longer be able to.

So, I’m headed to the Rehabilitation Center of Beverly Hills to weave myself in someone’s life for a brief moment hoping their loved ones have their best interest at heart.