I am human. Which means I make mistakes from time to time. That sucks because it can affect my business if I don’t address it correctly or right away.

Right now I am headed to see a client that I saw last Thursday. But not because she had more work for me – which would be lovely – because I made a mistake on one of the documents I notarized for her. And there is no excuse I’m going to give. I made a mistake. But as soon as the woman notified me she needed the document to be redone, I set up a time to meet her the same day – today – so I don’t further inconvenience her or let her think I don’t care.

Because I do.

And in all honesty, I care more about my reputation, so I care how she feels about working with me. So, yeah, I messed up. I am human. But I’m fixing it. All in the day of the life of a hustler.

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