Happy Friday, ladies. It’s the end of a beautiful week for most and as we come to this week’s end, I have some somber news to share. And I hope Elle doesn’t mind me sharing this information on her behalf.

Today, we will not be having a Foodie Friday. Elle is taking time today and however long she needs to talk with her relatives and be there in the spirit as they share a loss of a loved one. One of ther eldest brothers passed away a day or two ago and the family is reeling from this unexpected news. She and I talked about it gently yesterday. She needs this time to process and grieve and we’ll respect that.

I’ve lost many loved ones over the years and I know how death affects people differently. How we cope is different and we all need our own time and space to deal in whatever manner is best for us.

So, this Friday if I can impart any knowledge or good will, it would simply be to let the people you love know you love them. Let them know you care about them. Reach out to them. Give them a call. Send them a text. Drop them an email. Don’t let too much time pass by before you connect with the ones you love.

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