We weren’t close, but we knew each other. We went to college together. We partied together. He was a cool guy. Seemed to be nice to everyone he met. Never appeared full of himself or cocky (and he was a good looking guy, so he easily could’ve been if he wanted to). He was all around a pretty good guy to know and hang out with.

But he died. At 29. In Afghanistan serving our country. He served in the military after studying Aeronautical Science. That’s fancy talk for he was in school to be a pilot. And he was. Shortly after he graduated he was a pilot in the U.S. Army. He didn’t have a wife or kids just yet. He was just establishing his career. And he died. So young. So soon.

He’s probably the 5th or 6th person who I’ve gone to college with who’s died from the time I was a colliegate to now as an alum. But Suresh is the only person of my fellow classmates who served his country before his untimely death.

It was sad to learn that he died. I cried a little. To know someone who’s only a couple of years older than myself be taken from this life so young and early is a sad thought. To know that life can be cut so soon is a sad thought.

I no longer say,” Happy Memorial Day”. Happy? What is happy about good people who are no longer here? What is happy about young life lost? What is happy about having a connection to someone who died too soon? No, there’s nothing happy about a memorial. But if we want to celebrate their life, I’m on board. After all, isn’t that why we call is Memorial Day? In their memory, we honor their sacrifice and their life so the rest of us could have the freedoms we enjoy regularly.

Today, I remember Suresh Krause, the moments our paths crossed, the times we hung out and the life shared with others while he was here.

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