I been whining about how sluggish I’ve been feeling throughout this May. I go to work, give a 100%, then come home but somehow am too tired to give myself even 10%. Which is not what we hustlers are about. Granted, we don’t have endless energy and stamina. And we probably face burnout much more than the average person, but to come home and not even try to give something for myself. This was becoming unacceptable very quickly.

So I took a step back and examine critical actions I wasn’t taking or those I was making excuses for. Like, why am I watching so much TV? No, seriously. I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Prime. Which means, I’ll never miss a show or movie. It’ll be there as long as I’m still interested in watching it. So why was I wasting value hours on the flat screen boob tube? Procrastination? Avodiance? Laziness? D, all of the above. Or, I’m assuming as much.

So, my goal this week is to start removing distractions. First, with TV. Sorry, Netflix. How I’ve come to love to watch your new shows and movies. But I need to utilize the small amount of time I have after work to focus on my goals. And those goals are to become successfully and abundantly self employed.

Care to join me?

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