So… both the Director and Branch Manager at my job shared with me yesterday, that the Branch Manager is leaving the company. She gave her 30 day notice. When the Director told me yesterdayafternoon, I feign sadness. I don’t dislike the Branch Manager. However, I’ve only been at my job for three months. As I am delving into my role and really understanding my responsibilities to this organization, I’ve only recently started to form attachments to people. So, having someone leave while I’m still new isn’t heart breaking for me. It happened at thE last job, so it’s only fitting that it’s happening here.

However, I got two separate stories from both of them as how the Branch Manager’s departure came to be. Without going into too much detail, I feel a little apprehensive about going into work tomorrow knowing what I know. Which is too much! But, the question asked myself on the way home after hearing everything was: would I have rather been kept in the dark unable to defend myself or would I rather know where the land mines are?

Obvious answer, right?

With that said, the truth is, no job is perfect. And to expect this job to be so because the workplace I came from was the polar opposite would be naive of me. But when people start speaking their truth, especially in the workplace, I listen. I absorb. I make sure I hear their sh*t loud and clear because the one thing I promised myself is that I will not let another ICT (acronym for the old job) experience happen to me.

When people share their experiences, listen. They’re sharing it with you for a reason.

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