It feels good when things are working out and things are good. It pumps me up, it makes me want to do more and keep those vibes and energy going. And when things are good, I never question it. I just ask that they stay as long as they can.

But the best thing about being on a roll and having things go your way, is taking advantage of that momentum and using it to gain traction on other things you have going on or want to start. For instance, I finally have the concept for my business that Female, Single + Hustlin’ birthing in the back of my mind. I was talking to our guest speaker at work today and she’s been an independent IT consultant for about 11 years now. She works for home, knew back in college she wanted to work for herself and she’s about my age. And we were talking about the importance of having a community of upward bound women to bond and connect with would’ve been so impactful to our success if we knew things, like the company I work, out there existed earlier on.

And during our discussion I had a quiet light bulbđź’ˇmoment when I was sharing with her my passion project, Female, Single + Hustlin‘. And how I wanted to help women like myself create profitable side hustles, as she too is all about side hustlin’. LOVE IT!!! So when my light bulb went on, the idea of it just kept playing in my mind over and over and over again.

So… I’m going to have to try to run with this now that it feels much clearer that what I was trying to piece together. And I hope it turns out better than I expect. But don’t worry. I will share with you the deets once I have planned and outlined everything out.

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