Would you believe it, I had someone call me this past Sunday at 10:35PM asking for notary services in Sherman Oaks. Aside from the fact I am a firm believer this is how Hallmark made-for-TV movies get their inspiration, I thought this guy was really out of his mind. Granted, if you search my business on Google, you’ll see that I am available for service until 10pm, but that is in select areas. Sherman Oaks is not that select area.

I said no, but before I said no, I asked the guy could we meet in the morning instead. He said something about getting his car out of impound and how the price goes up every few hours. Never have I heard that (it’s usually a daily surcharge, but whatevs), I didn’t feel comfortable getting out of the bed I had nicely conformed to, putting on real people’s clothes and meeting some strange – client, really – near midnight.


I get that, if he was telling the truth, was crunched for time, but I wonder if the role was reversed, would he meet some stranger at 12:00am on the premise of proving a service? And I’m not a bail bondsman. So I made a judgment call and told him I didn’t feel comfortable meeting so late at night. And I felt comfortable saying that to him.

As a lady, my safety is more important than my next earned dollar, no matter how much and how soon I may want to be in business for myself.

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