I just successfully had my first big event at my “new” job. And I was told horror stories of how it was in the past and the expectations of what it could be. But none of that saw light. Not a single moment or horror or crazy mishap transpired and I am thrilled that everything went so smoothly. But, more importantly, that I’ve had this experience. Both, professionally and personally.

This event, which had been in the making before my joining the organization, seemed to be the very backbone of all our fundraising events. But there was prep. Lots and lots of prep. And that’s what made everything work and come together so easily.

And that’s an amazing feeling. Perhaps not one I feel often, or hadn’t felt often enough in my previous employment roles, so it’s still strange and new to me. But, it does feel incredible despite it also being alien. And I’m just taking mental notes. Of what this feels like, looks like and becomes. So when the time comes for me to have amazing transformative experiences, I know what to expect.

We’re half way through June ladies, which means we’re just about halfway through the year. And I wish that each and every one of you has an amazing transformative experience – if you haven’t had one already, or get the chance to experience another one — where everything just seems to come together so naturally.

Happy Friday.

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