If you’re like me, you grew understanding the concept of “secret sauce”. Now, whether McDonald’s coined the term themselves or copyrighted is up for debate, but the point is, we know the term very well. And essentially it means: that little something extra that makes you/ your business special.

But the question becomes, in an age where everything is accessible online, do you still share information? If everything is already known and people and find out what they want from just doing some research, if you feel like you have something special in your arsenal, do you share it? Do you make yourself a resource to others and share what has helped make you successful or do you still let that be your little secret?

Recently, I’ve been helping a notary in Virginia who just received her notary commission and is working becoming a signing agent. She had lots of questions. Wanted lots advice as to whether or not have a website, what kind of business cards to get and if she should get a dual laser printer. So I shared my thoughts with her and some of things I’ve been doing and I must say, I enjoyed it. I think what I really enjoyed was learning how much experience I’ve gained in my short tenure as a notary.

In all honesty, I shared a lot but not everything with this other notary. Part of me wanted to reserve the techniques I created as I continue to make notary my business and another part of me believe she will have to learn what will work for her what doesn’t. As we all do.

Would you have shared your strategies with someone else in the same or similar business with you? Why or why not?

2 thoughts on “Working 5 to 9: To Share or Not To Share (Is That Really A Question?)

  1. I agree with sharing the basics with someone asking for assistance and they are trying to start up their business. I’m a helper. The final touch would be what is your secret sauce that works for uniquely you.


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