The fact of the matter is we’re going to have to spend the money we make in some fashion or form. But when we do part ways with our precious hard earned money, it’s best we’re wise about it. But what does that really mean? What does it mean to be a wose spender?

Last month, I finally got a new (new to me) car. And while I was shopping around, Fair was my best option financially. Fair is a no committment leasing option to obtain a vehicle. No, I’ll never own the vehicle I drive but I’m not trapped with a long lease either. My down payment? $535. No, seriously. I had $100 coupon from the Girlboss Rally I attended in June that I used.

And yes, I’ve been driving the new car more so than the 1998 Infinity Qx4 that gifted to me almost three years ago. And as you can see, my monthly payment is $298. But…that’s the monthly lease payment and the insurance. It was just cheaper to use their insurance than my own that I was using for the old car.

As side hustlers, we gotta continuously make smart money moves. It doesn’t matter if our money moves affect our personal lives or our business lives. All money moves need to be smart.

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