Elle here!!!! While I had planned to give a recipe of my “Good Morning Oats,” I would be doing you and myself a disservice not being honest. I have been on a journey and I had been feeling amazing. I allowed myself to get sucked in to this ball of negative energy that was surrounding me until I allowed it to latch on to me. I can blame no one but myself. The result has left me working hard to get back to the happy place I was. I allowed myself to slightly get off of my wellness journey, not working out as much as I was and not always eating the best foods that I was eating. The most disturbing part is that I got off my HUSTLE!!!! There is nothing and no one that should throw you off your hustle and I let all the above do so. Even to the point that I started doubting myself, procrastinating, and having a clouded mind about my vision. I actually started thinking “hmmm, let me just work this job and forget about everything I have worked hard for, not this past year, but the past 10 years.”But after watching some motivational, videos, and having a few conversations with my most trusted friends, and knocking myself in the head, I realized that I have to push harder than before. How dare I allow myself to veer down a path not made for me. 

So, what happens when you get off your path, get discouraged, and get your self wrapped in the bullsh*t? You get a plan and execute. At this moment, as I write this blog I am mentally preparing to do a water fast, meaning only water. No food, no juice, just WATER. Why? Well, not only to experience the wellness benefits, but I am in need to serious mental clarity and I have to really push myself to the limits at this point. Water fasting has the abilities to heal your body in many ways; from glowing skin, removing toxins, better sleep, and healing ailments. 

So how do you get back on track:

*Zero in on what got you off track in the first place. Recognize it and work a plan to not allow that to happen again. If that means showing people the “exit door” out of your life and space then so be it.

*Be honest with yourself and what you want and desire. Visualize it and speak it out loud. KNow what you want and go for it, even if it isn’t quite the “norm.”

*Journal if that’s your thing. Take evening walks. Stretch, try yoga.

*Read and listen to as much motivational podcasts, videos, etc. Sometimes those will be your best motivation and inspiration when you can’t get it from friends and family. 

*Know that YOU are the best at everything you do and you deserve all that you want and desire. 

*Take no “NOs” because we are kicking down doors and busting windows.

There are no right or wrong ways to get back on track, just find what works for you and get back to it. 

Until next time, keep hustlin’!!!!

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