In the past two, maybe three months, I have been asked to help another aspiring notary with getting her business off the ground. She reached out to meet via one of my Craigslist ads and asked if would I be willing to meet her and help her with some ideas. After several email messages, I agreed to talk by phone.

This woman, Claudia, emailed stating she just got her notary package, and is an Accounting student and wanted to see if I’d take her under my wing. My first thought to her email was, wow. How brave must she have been to reach out and ask if I could help her in pursuit of her career. Which is weird because isn’t that how we’re suppose to approach getting to the next level? Asking for help? Reaching out? Getting advice from people who are already doing what we want to do?

Strange how the right path seems like the weird path to take, huh?

She emailed saying she was in the Long Beach area and wouldn’t mind taking taking clients I received in this area. Well, of course she wouldn’t mind taking on clients further away from my service area as it would business for her. Little does she know, I’ve serviced clients in that area and will continue to do so as long as I’m able to, but if I’m not. I’d be more than happy to hand them off to her. But I understood where she was coming from.

My second thought when I read Claudia’s email was, is there something I’m doing that makes people think I’m successful at it? That’s okay if it is, I’d just like to know what they’re seeing that maybe I’m not. But the truth of the matter is, we are responsible for helping others when we can no matter if we think or success is large, small or nonexistent. I’ve myself have had help along the way. So I can’t deny helping someone else if I’m in a position to do so.

And yes, this means I am helping someone who will be in direct competition with me. Some… what. She may be able to execute notary services according to the requirements of California per her commission, but she can’t do it the way I can. She can’t be me. She can’t come up with the same ideas as I do. She can’t create the same marketing ideas I’ve had. She can only do her and I can only do me.

Even as hustlers, we can’t be afraid to help someone else on their hustle even if it seems like their competition. For all we know, it could be the catalyst for other opportunities as well…

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