Have you heard about the many faucets of ourselves? Our work selves versus our personal selves. Our authentic selves versus our world selves. The notion that we can never truly be our full selves because our environment, the people we’re around or some other forces demand a different version of ourselves whatever occasion we happen to be wrapped in. It seems a little hollow of an excuse but it’s actually how we reserve our energy for the right moments.

And the same applies to side hustling.

We have our work selves which we’re doing the job we were hired to do. And we have our hustling selves. The selves that has to step up to the plate and negotiate on our own behalf. The selves that has to be firm on pricing, invoicing and charging clients what we’re worth. These are the selves that have to exude more confidence that we know we possess, whether we feel it or not. We have to be more brave and take calculated risks whether we’re ready or not.

These are the selves very few of those closest to us will ever meet. Our interaction with our closest friends and family don’t require the same selves our hustle selves show. But that doesn’t mean we can’t step up and expose a little of our hustle selves to the world. Take charge, lead a project, reach out, connect, influence or provide advice and guidance.

We may not always be 100% our authentic selves, we can still lead with our authentic selves’ best traits.

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