Foodie Friday: Food for Thought…Stop the BullSh*t

Elle here!!!! While I had planned to give a recipe of my “Good Morning Oats,” I would be doing you and myself a disservice not being honest. I have been on a journey and I had been feeling amazing. I allowed myself to get sucked in to this ball of negative energy that was surrounding me until I allowed it to latch on to me. I can blame no one but myself. The result has left me working hard to get back to the happy place I was. I allowed myself to slightly get off of my wellness journey, not working out as much as I was and not always eating the best foods that I was eating. The most disturbing part is that I got off my HUSTLE!!!! There is nothing and no one that should throw you off your hustle and I let all the above do so. Even to the point that I started doubting myself, procrastinating, and having a clouded mind about my vision. I actually started thinking “hmmm, let me just work this job and forget about everything I have worked hard for, not this past year, but the past 10 years.”But after watching some motivational, videos, and having a few conversations with my most trusted friends, and knocking myself in the head, I realized that I have to push harder than before. How dare I allow myself to veer down a path not made for me. 

So, what happens when you get off your path, get discouraged, and get your self wrapped in the bullsh*t? You get a plan and execute. At this moment, as I write this blog I am mentally preparing to do a water fast, meaning only water. No food, no juice, just WATER. Why? Well, not only to experience the wellness benefits, but I am in need to serious mental clarity and I have to really push myself to the limits at this point. Water fasting has the abilities to heal your body in many ways; from glowing skin, removing toxins, better sleep, and healing ailments. 

So how do you get back on track:

*Zero in on what got you off track in the first place. Recognize it and work a plan to not allow that to happen again. If that means showing people the “exit door” out of your life and space then so be it.

*Be honest with yourself and what you want and desire. Visualize it and speak it out loud. KNow what you want and go for it, even if it isn’t quite the “norm.”

*Journal if that’s your thing. Take evening walks. Stretch, try yoga.

*Read and listen to as much motivational podcasts, videos, etc. Sometimes those will be your best motivation and inspiration when you can’t get it from friends and family. 

*Know that YOU are the best at everything you do and you deserve all that you want and desire. 

*Take no “NOs” because we are kicking down doors and busting windows.

There are no right or wrong ways to get back on track, just find what works for you and get back to it. 

Until next time, keep hustlin’!!!!

Happy Friday: Year’s End

Happy Friday, ladies.

We are more than halfway through the month of August and even though the end of the year doesn’t feel quite so upon us, it’s only about four months away. Four months till we start making new resolutions for the coming year. Four months till the holidays start ramping up and we gotta face that same question we pose to ourselves ever year: to be or not to be around our relatives.

But before those four months are here, I hope you take the time to evaluate how you want to end 2019 and what you want from 2020. Soon enough, we’ll be making that decision anyways, but it’s always good to be prepared.

In the meantime, lets enjoy the end of another week. And may the remaining weeks in the year – something like 18 weeks – be both successful and productive for you.


She Supports: Elle, of EAT J.U.N.K

My nearest and dearest, Elle, has her 3rd book coming out later this year that will be focusing on eating a more plant based diet to make radical health changes to your life. She’s been on this journey for almost two years – maybe a little longer – reading, researching and zoning in on foods that are not processed, more nutrient dense and are just as filling as any other meal we would have.

Her latest book has been released just yet, but you can follow her on Instagram @mylifebeingelle and tune into her Instagram videos and stories about how she combines a plant based diet with rigorous work out plans, eating by an 80/20 rule and intermittent fasting.

Yes, I support my girl Elle!

This Week’s Goal: Figuring Out My Road Blocks

I am a firm believer we have more control over our lives than we give ourselves credit for. And maybe we shove credit onto other people or other things because it’s easier for someone or something else to carry they weight of our challenges and problems and not be responsible for any poor outcomes. Heavy talk, I know. My point in all of that is, I think we’re 100% responsible for failures as much as we all for our success.

But occasionally, we do some self sabotaging. For reasons that are beyond me, we get in our own way and have these road blocks that prevent us from taking our selves, our business, our work our hustles to the next level.

So my goal this week and for the rest of August is to figure our what my road blocks, name them and block them! Road block the road blocks. I always think I have it figured out know what my obstacled and yet, im not at the level I wanted to be. I’m not where I used to be, but I could be so much farther.

That’s my goal this week. Figure out and conquer those road blocks. What’s blocking you?

Working 5 to 9: Lists, Lists and More Lists

I feel like anyone who has a hustle or business is always creating lists. And not just your run of the mill to-do list. But, big picture lists, breakdown list, brainstorming lists, resource lists, connections list, some other made up list, just lists, lists and more lists. It seems like there’s never an end in sight with all that needs to get done.

And yet, these lists that can overflow, that can feel so suffocating and overwhelming are also a brain dump process we’ve elected to use to strategize our next moves. And by now, we’ve all heard the science behind writing down our goals.

Oh, you don’t think to do list are goals? When we talk about short term goals, to do lists are the shortest of the short term goals. And they’re not very ambitious. They simply revolve around getting a task done that we know how to do or know we can do. Probably why they get brushed off as not much.

But lists aren’t the evil they sometimes feel like. They’re a rudimentary process system we always find ourselves going back to when we’re planning or developing. And although they arent always fun, tweaking our list creating process can elevate how we plan and better execute.

Want a better planning process. Create better lists.

Staying Motivated: Getting Back on Track

July was a very loose month for me and August is looking the same, but before lose the progress I’ve made and want to continue to make, I thought I reel myself and see what’s causing the lack of focus and the diversion.

Elle and I were talking about less than a week ago obstacles, more specifically, obstacles each of us wwre facing in hopes to understand what is holding us back. Everyone talks about the next level and leveling up, but, many of us – myself included – have road blockers, things are that stand in our way for getting to the level of success we want to achieve. But we may not always know what that is. I don’t. But slowing down and putting goals and activities on hiatus isn’t going to help me figure it out. Nor will it help anyone else out.

Taking small breaks are fine. Staying in break mode, not so much. So, I’m going to be revving up. As much as i can durng the last months of the year. I’m getting back on track, making clearer short and long term measurable plans in hopes that when I reach a roadblock, it will be clear what it is. Fear, uncertainty, commitment, whatever is, I want to name it so I can distinguish it when I come across it again. And of course, overcome it each time we cross paths.

Money Matters: Making Smart Money Moves

The fact of the matter is we’re going to have to spend the money we make in some fashion or form. But when we do part ways with our precious hard earned money, it’s best we’re wise about it. But what does that really mean? What does it mean to be a wose spender?

Last month, I finally got a new (new to me) car. And while I was shopping around, Fair was my best option financially. Fair is a no committment leasing option to obtain a vehicle. No, I’ll never own the vehicle I drive but I’m not trapped with a long lease either. My down payment? $535. No, seriously. I had $100 coupon from the Girlboss Rally I attended in June that I used.

And yes, I’ve been driving the new car more so than the 1998 Infinity Qx4 that gifted to me almost three years ago. And as you can see, my monthly payment is $298. But…that’s the monthly lease payment and the insurance. It was just cheaper to use their insurance than my own that I was using for the old car.

As side hustlers, we gotta continuously make smart money moves. It doesn’t matter if our money moves affect our personal lives or our business lives. All money moves need to be smart.