Death is hard no matter who you lose.

Yesterday, I received a Facebook messenger that a long time chum of mine passed away in his sleep the night before. And it strange and for most of the day I was in shock. In total disbelief. The person who informed me, he hadn’t spoken in years. He had gotten married and moved away. I totally thought he was pulling a prank on me until I reached out to the brother of our mutual deceased friend. And the brother confirmed the loss.

Let me tell you a little something about Montoya. He was 34 years when he died, just having celebrated his birthday a little less than six weeks ago. He had political ambitions. He ran for city council in 2013 and ran for either a Senate or Congress a few years before that. He received his J.D. 4 years ago and had been working Downtown at law firm. He one only one younger brother, a niece, a mother and a father. He has a small group of friends he regularly checked in with on occasion. He loved politics. He had dreams to change the system from within one day. And he was very vocal about the political and divisive climate in this country. He was a man with a plan.

(Sighs). He was never married. Didn’t have a girlfriend or any kids. He leaves behind no legacy other than his good name and those that remember him. I didn’t expect to start having to say good bye to people l knew until I was at least 80-something. It’s hard. Its strange. That someone so young and with so much potential could leave this world so soon.

I wanted to cry today. I really did. I didn’t. I did tear up a bit, but I didn’t allow a single tear to fall. I’m sad that someone I knew pretty is…gone forever. It puts into perspective so much if who we are and what we do. That everything we do should matter. After all, our time is so limited and so uncertain. It’s all so short.

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