Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. I hope your week had been good to you. I lost a high school classmate and buddy of mine earlier this week and, as you can imagine, have been very introspective as a result. I’ve haven’t been thinking about time as I’vehe aaaawww re many people do. I know time is short, you don’t have to tell me that.

I’ve been thinking about people. And their goals and their lives and what they must going through that we have no clue about. I’ve been thinking about my friend’s family, his mother, his brother, his other friends, did he have life insurance… just practical and impractical things, because we don’t think about these things until they hit close to home. There’s lots of things I have questions about I know I’ll never get the answer to, but it doesn’t make me stop wondering or thinking about it.

Not to spill my melancholy into your weekend, but I do hope that you take some time out and just think about… stuff. People. Places. Things. Your dreams and goals. Your relationships with the people in your life. Just things. While we do have the time, let’s give it the respect it deserves.

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