Last night I finally for rid of my old mattress and box spring. Two months ago, I lease a new (new to me) car. I’m in market for a new coach and new laptop. Little things. Little material things I would not have been able to do if 7 months ago I stayed in the same place. At the same company, in the same role. Among the same people. I wanted to leave, I was ready to leave and I was finally blessed with an opportunity to leave.

And I’ve been smelling the roses ever since. I’ve had more perks, benefits, chances to network, to grow, to blossom and develop in my short 7 months than the 5 years… I was allowing myself to suffer.

We don’t also know what’s good for us until something bad has been removed. And, girl, let me tell you! Having those thorns plucked from you side makes the world of difference. Not just for you sanity but your overall well being.

So to my hustlers out there: look at how far you’ve come. Look at what you were or have been able to do for yourself. Yes, I know we feel like there so much more for us to accomplish and do and attain that there small materialistic measurements aren’t anything. But sometimes it helps putting it all into perspective. Where we are. What we have. How far we’ve come.

Stop and smell the roses once in a while.

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