If you ask me this question point blank, my answer would be: hell yes! But not in the I love money, money rules everything around me kind of way. More like… I don’t wanna be boke so I make money conscious decisions so I can have a comfortable future that isn’t wielded by the fear of lack of money. There are songs that speak to the evils of money and how money is corruption but I disagree. I see money for what it is — a tool.

And like any generally good-natured person, I work so I can have enough money to have my basic necessities met. But I hustle so I can have more money build my dreams. Because we live in a world where, as my Nana would say

Money talks and bullshit walks!”

And I’ve been very perceptive of the power we have given this tool we call money. We allow it dictate the value of living, housing, vacationing, education and every thing else that touches our lives. So if we don’t have money, we have lack. Or, so we’ve been taught to believe we lack if we don’t have money. Which is why it’s such a powerful motivator. There’s nothing wrong with money as a motivator. But, how we allow it to motivate us, that’s where the waters get murky.

Yes, I’m motivated by money. If I had more money, I’d be able to save more for a place I could own in the foreseeable future. If I had more money, I’d be able to pay off my student loan debts. If I had more money, I’d be able to live in a better neighborhood, or at least in a building that provided its tenants with parking. If more money this or if more money that. I’m sure we’ve all given ourselves the more money speech. But how often have we given ourselves the take action speech?

Think about how many times you yourself or someone you know has said, “if I won the lottery I’d buy….”. That’s a wonderful dream that money may have motivated, but what become of that dream? Better yet, if you didn’t win the lottery – which is all of us – are you still on track to live that dream life? Let money be motivation, but let some sort of execution propel you there.

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