I was on the bus headed to work yesterday when it dawned on me five minutes from the office that I hadn’t repeated my little mantra for the day. I don’t say “little” to demean the words I say, but rather acknowledge the length of my mantra. It’s pretty short.

Today is going to be wildly successful and I’m moving into my goals of becoming successful, wealthy and sought after.

That’s pretty personal for me to so consider yourself esteemed that I’m sharing it. And depending on the morning, I’ll adjust the words and tweak it to be more specific. I try to keep my mantra a little vague as to keep myself open to whatever successful looks like for me instead of what I think it should look like.

The point of my story, I recited my mantra to myself a few times until it felt real and possible. And would you have you know, three clients reached out to me yesterday. One repeat client and two new ones. I saw the new (notary) clients after work and repeat has a short term project she needs completed by the end of the month.

I believe in claiming the things you want for yourself. Telling yourself over and over until you believe and that’s all you know. I also believe in working for what you want. But marry those two elements together how can you not feel optimistic about your future? Hmm?

Maybe I’m reaching. Whose to say. Maybe… it’s a habit you might want to start.

Happy Friday.

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