At my previous job, there’s a popular acronym that describes someone who has asked for time off: T.O.R. It stood for time off request. And it didn’t matter what the time off was needed for, it all fell under the same category: T.O.R. – jury duty, birthday, bereavement, vacation, personal day, whatever. You would use vacation days for your time off with the exception of sick days. We were given sick days… barely. And because the company didn’t offer personal days, you would have to request time off using a coveted vacation day. It sucked! The same applied to jury duty. A vacation day has to be used for that too.

But time off shouldn’t be a request. It should be requirement. And you may not be in a place right now where you can take time off. Instead, take one weekend day a month and unplug. From everything and everyone. That’s your time off. It’s your time. Take care of it.

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