I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the importance of becoming something of a life learner. Yes, for your hustle. It will come in handy as clients see you as someone who stays current with the market and the trends. But should you take turn your hustle into a business, you’ve now positioned yourself as an expert in the field, someone to be sought after. However, in case your hustle is a short term goal and being an entrepreneur is the farthest thing from you mind, just staying clued into what you’re doing and the relevant current news related to it, makes you ideal candidate for your next employment role.

I’ve only known a handful of people who truly loved their job – those that worked for someone else – and one of the things that made them appear to be so good at is that they know what’s going on in the world of their industry. It means more to them than what job vacancy became available to move up at their company. They know something about what’s going on with other companies like theirs.

So, yes. Be constantly learning. It will serve you in the short term, long term, big scope, small scope and everywhere else in between.

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