Just Another Sunny Day In L.A.

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. It’s suppose to b e a warm 87° today. In October. While the rest of the country is probably experiencing Fall we are experiencing Summer #2. It’s suppose to get cooler next week, but we’ll see.

But regardless of our nearly perfect weather in sunny L.A., I feel good today.  Like, I’m on the right path good.  I had a prospect notary client reach out to me yesterday — my 4th would-be client – and although I was not able to set an appointment with this client, I was able to pass him off to another notary that reached me earlier (the one who wanted mentor her).  She was much closer as she’s in the Long Beach area.  And I felt good about it.  And I felt even better than I could do that for a client and for… a mentee? Can I call her that yet? I don’t know. I just finally feel like I have a voice, I have the experience and I have the willingness to be a resource.

I just feel real food about the direction I’m headed in. How about you? Feeling good with how things are coming along? Or you just feeling good about this three-day weekend?

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