5 Ways Every Hustler Needs To Start Off 2020!

Hey, hey, hey.  I am excited to announced that my first ebook in a year long ebook series is finally published and should be available for purchase, if not today, by the middle of this week.

I’ve been wanting to put out short but valuable pieces of information regularly (aside from, you know, here) that people can take away and keep forever and forever. So decided on a book series, an ebook series to be exact.

This first ebook is more of a welcoming and an ushering in of 2020. I wanted us, as side hustlers, to prepare ourselves for getting our mindsets and attitudes right for tackling and owning 2020! So often — I know I’ve said it — this is the year, but now it can really be so by first reconditioning how we think about ourselves and what we can do.

So go over to barnesandnoble.com, type in the title of this ebook, 5 Ways Every Hustler Needs To Start Off 2020 and grab you a copy. It’s only $.099, I promise.

Then, hey… let’s talk about it. Femalesinglehustlelin@gmail.com

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