Don’t Order Other People’s Mistakes

My mother would tell me this all the time as a child. And what she really meant by this was I didn’t have to make her mistakes to believe it would be a mistake for me too. In fact, I didn’t have to make anyone else’s mistakes to know it was not a good choice. If I’m in a position to watch something unfold and how it unfolded for that person was just awful then that was the lesson. I don’t need to experience that same mistake to know it will be awful for me too. Ever heard of a “cautionary tale”? That is someone else’s experience to teach you not to do something.

And as side hustlers and freelancers, we have access to learning so much about what others did, that didn’t work or failed, that we don’t have to make that same mistake ourselves. We don’t have even know the people personally to learn their mistakes. Thanks to Google we can learn all about the failures and setbacks of some of the world’s most successful people. Or, just join reddit community. The information is out there.

Just sayin’.

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