Martin Luther King Jr. – Activist, Leader, Social Visionary

I don’t think “Happy MLK Day” is the appropriate greeting to honor a man who will never see the fruits of his work for the advancement of the African American community in the U.S. And although his strongest tether is to the African American community in this country, I like to think of him as a Active-American.

I’m not All Lives Matter-ing social change here, but it was because of Dr. King’s and other activists of his time efforts and sacrifice that we’re all – every color, every religion, every sexual orientation – able to work together in the same office, ride the same bus, share an Uber, walk down the the same streets. No one is legally allow the ban us from common and community areas of this country because of our skin color or deny us opportunities for advancement and liberty.

As many of you may have this day off, I ask that you take time to reflect on how you will be active in your life going forward in this new year. You may not be pushing for social or political change in your world, but hopefully you’re pushing for positive change nonetheless.

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