Love the Process

I’ve heard that line too: If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Hmm, wrong. Work will always be work. That’s why they don’t call it “fun”. Seriously. But you can love what you do enough that you actually want to keep doing it. You get excited about getting up in the morning. You’re excited about meeting a new client. You’re excited about making your first phone call. That’s all work but it’s work you enjoy doing.

But more importantly – something I find myself constantly working on – is loving the process. Learning to love the journey and not just be waiting to arrive at the destination. And I’ve always been a destination kind of girl. I want to get there already. I’m in the backseat asking, “are we there yet?” I am extremely impatient. And that means always wanting to fast forward through the steps and get to the reward.

But I’m starting to really learn that sometimes the steps make the reward that much better when you finally arrive. And other times the steps are the reward. When I sit down and meet with a client face to face, I’m always secretly impressed with myself as to how confident I sound. As to how knowledgeable I come off as. To how well spoken I can be. Yes, I’m tootin’ my own horn here and I ain’t ashamed of it. But that confidence and knowledge didn’t happen after one client or one successful workshop or meeting. It was me constantly investing in myself taking the time to self evaluate and constructively criticize so I can be better for the next client. Finding opportunities to learn and study and practice again. That’s my process. And although I don’t always acknowledge it as part of the equation, it’s always a factor to whatever success I’ve earned.

And in case you didn’t know. I work with aspiring hustlers one-on-one. For those of you in the greater L.A. area, we can schedule an in person meeting. For those elsewhere, we can schedule a phone conference. Either way, you can reach me at:

Look forward to hearing from you!

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