Getting February off to a good start

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it out of January… finally! For it just to be the first month of the year, it sure felt like a year long month.

I enjoy the month of February. For the obvious reason: it’s my birthday month. Whoop, whoop! And it’s also Elle’s birthday month too. She’s 12 days after me. As I like to refer to us: she is the fish (Pisces) to my fish tank (Aquarius). Ha! But I’ve also had some good news already in these first seven days. For starters, my credit score is jumped up 12 points. Always good news.  My student loan debt decreased a little over $10,000. Don’t know how, don’t care why.

And… I finally completed my taxes. And it looks like I’m going to be getting the biggest return to date, but probably the last time I’ll have a return this large. And it wasn’t because I gave the government so much money the first time via my W-4. It was because I got make legitimate claims and take better deductions this year. Proved very, very beneficial!

Oh… and one last thing… I’ll be headed back to New York for another work retreat at the end of this month. Can you say free hotel stay and free flight? I can!

Okay.  Enough about my February.  How is yours going?  Don’t want to share it here?  That’s fine.  Let’s just you and I talk:

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