Not just a great Friday, but a great month

Hey, laaaaadddddiiieeees! And my gentlemen friends too!!!

Yesterday was all about winning. Or so it felt. My clients were winning at work getting wonderful merchandise from one of our national partners. I was winning at work too and even though we’re still working out the kinks and cogs out of everything, Elle will be launching something amazing together next month and it’ll really take shape in April.

I always tell peope that February is the best month and no one believes me. Aside from it being my birthday month (my and Elle’s), it’s the shortest month of the year. It’s the underdog month. It’s only destined for great things.

Next week I’ll be in New York for work. I’ll get the opportunity to see my stepdad and younger sister. I just found yesterday that my company wants to send me to the Bahamas for work, obviously, late April. Excited is an understatement to how I feel right now. And not too mention a one of my goals this year was to travel more… hello!!!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg for me in 2020. I still have my hustles and I’ll still be working on my business.

What wins do you want to brag about? I want to hear them!

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