As things change, so should we

Good Morning, ladies and gents.

Strange times we’re living in, wouldn’t you say? 2020 has gotten off to an infamous start. Kind of wish we could press pause, then rewind and try this year all over again. But we can’t. We are together in this together whether we like it or not.

First and foremost, to my ladies out there, I hope you took time this past Sunday to celebrate yourselves in honor of International Women’s Day. And not just because you’re women, but because of your achievements in a society that did not originally include you. That’s called adversity. And you should be damn proud for it.

Secondly, the coronavirus. Oh, my damn. I don’t even know what to think other than wash your hands. I went to the store the other day and there were total of 8 small packs (the ones with the 4 oversize rolls) left on the shelves. Literally. Like, people are going nuts out there when all they really need to do is take better precaution. Which leaves me to believe most people don’t regularly wash their hands. And I don’t know why not. We’ve been telling them since they were 3 years old. It’s not that hard. Preferably with some hot water and adequate soap. But, whatever.

In light of the coronavirus, I do want you all to take care of yourselves out there. And by out there, I mean, in your daily lives. Remember, small child, the elderly and people with compromised respiratory issues are the highest at risk. The rest of us healthy individuals have a lower risk of getting it as long as we’re diligent with taking precaution.

However… this does offer a window of opportunity for those hustlers out there who love a good idea to birth. Think about what’s going on with the stock market, people’s fear of the coronavirus, large events canceling or postponing. Do you see opportunity here? How will you approach it? How will you turn the market decline into your shining moment? Not at the expense of people, but rather at the expense of the market.

Okay my fellow hustlers. Stay on the grind.

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