Today’s a good day to find something to be grateful for.

I’m gonna start off today with some thanks and gratitude statements:

  • I’m grateful to still have roof over my head where I can self isolate
  • I’m grateful there’s food in my refrigerator to eat.
  • I’m grateful I was paid today
  • I’m grateful I’m able to work from home and not expose myself or others to this outbreak/pandemic
  • I’m grateful basic creature comforts I have to keep myself entertained
  • I’m thankful for the sun
  • I’m thankful for the air — cleaner air in Los Angeles, now that most of us are self isolating
  • I’m for the breeze when I open my window
  • And I’m both the technology to communicate and those I can communicate with.

This is how I’m starting off today. How are you staring off this Friday?

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