Yep. I said it. If you’re reading this you are among the living. And there are a good number of you that are probably bored or restless out of your mind. And that’s okay with me because you’re AMONG THE LIVING!

All right. Now that we’ve taken care of today’s gratitude element, let’s continue to work on our plans for after COVID-19. There will be an “after”, most of of us will be here despite the sensationalism reporting of the news. Most people will recover. More people have recovered than have died. And knowing that most people will recover and come out on the other side of this, how will you serve them? What are you going to be offer them that you weren’t able to offer before? What need will you be able to fulfill?

Have you thought about that? You should. You should be planning for your after COVID-19 hustle or even your business right now. Get started. Wtite out a business plan outline. Write what you’ve seen that is needed. Brainstorm. Now is the perfect time to get on it!

Today, you are among the living and I’m grateful for that. Now, I want to see you succeed.

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