It’s Kick Off Time

It’s official! I am taking Female, Single + Hustlin’ to the next level!

Starting today and onward, I will be meeting (virtually, for the time being) aspiring side hustlers and business owners to discuss with them what hustle or business they want to start. And don’t let the pandemic or the current rockiness of the economy stop or scare you from taking the next step in your professional and financial goals. Let’s be real, more money is the financial for the majority of people.

So let me help get you there.

But why we? What makes me so special?

Nothing. I just know what it’s like to be underpaid, undervalued, living paycheck to paycheck, being afraid to take time off work because every hour I worked was an hour of pay guaranteed to keep the roof over my head and the lights.

I’ve also spent the past couple of years networking with recruiters, career and life coaches, getting to peak behind the curtain of they help people with their goals. But also, they knowledge of what employers are really looking for, how to get a business off the ground (although I can speak to this from personal experience) and how to stay discipline when the motivation is gone.

You’ll continue to see free tools I’ve created that you’re more than welcome to use. I hope they’re helpful and I’m always open to feedback if in your experience of using them, something could he changed to be more useful. I’ve also include a few of those tools here too, in case you can’t find it previous posts.

To set up a preliminary Zoom call and see how I can help you, use the following link:

I hope to hear from some of you and create a last relationship!

Now, let’s go tackle March!

The Relationship Game PT. II

You don’t like networking but you know you be networking and you’re willing to do it.

Got it.

But how do you organize and be strategic about the who you’re networking with?

I got you. Below is a simple networking tracker tool. It simply allows you to track who you spoke to, their contact info, what industry they work in, if they have any connection with you, and how you’ve continued to reach out to them. This hopefully takes the fuss out of figuring out how to follow up and with who. The network tracker is all yours to download and use at your discretion WHEN you find yourself networking.

The Relationship Game PT. I

In L.A., it’s common to hear the phrase, “it’s not what you know, but who you know. ”  And for the most part this is true.  You can be the smartest person in the room, but if no one knows who you are, they won’t know how smart (valuable) you are.  And that’s the real game behind (profession) relationships: being valued and find others of value.

This isn’t all about transactions, what you can do for them and what they can do for you. It is about building respect and trust, so that when the relationship becomes transactional, it doesn’t feel awkward or like the request/favor is being asked out of the blue.

Relationship building starts with networking. The dreaded networking conundrum. We all know we should be networking, we just don’t enjoy it. Maybe we were never taught how to meet strangers. Maybe we’re too concerned with selling ourselves in hopes for those leads and gain clients. Or maybe we’re too shy to make the introduction. Whatever it is, we can make it as simple as sun (that sounds kind of nice).

Aim to meet only 2-3 people. If you meet more people, great. But 2-3 people allows you to really connect and have a real conversation.

Talk about anything BUT business. The weather, the commute, a game or show you watched last night, maybe an award show, a national event. Don’t start with business. Then let the conversation naturally draw towards what each of you do for living or what project you’re working on.

The most important of all, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP. Go home and send an email. Makes plans to meet up. “It’s a pandemic, everything’s being done virtually.” Fine. You can incorporate all these tips using Zoom, trust me.

But don’t let these valuable people you’re meeting go to waste. Organize them…

Define Success

What Is Success to You?

I know what success means to me: money, power + influence.

Sounds a bit a traditional, but so am I in some respects.

Money, obviously, because it allows you to take care of the financial unforseen.

Powe, because, if wielded right, can change the world for the better. And we’re in dire need of that lately.

And influence because if you can change the world for the better, you can convince others to join you and do the same.

I clearly know what success means to me… for the moment. It may change as my perspective changes and experiences change.

What does success mean to you?

Tool: Side Hustle Tracker

The side hustle tracker I wish I had

After many, many, many years of side hustlin’ (okay, maybe not that many), I’ve often wondered why I never created a simple tool to help me keep track of the various side hustles I took on over the years. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I got everything done on time; I met my deadlines and everything. But my system for keeping track was always spread out over several sheets of paper or in journals. Sometimes I made the attempt to create a spreadsheet in Google in hopes that it was going to help me organize my caseload. But every time I created some kind of tracker, I never knew what I needed to record. And what I need was more involved than name of the client, project task and deadline. All the side hustles I took on were rarely, if ever, in the same niche or industry.

So, for your use, no strings attached, I have created a side hustle tracker. Basic, in capturing the most pertinent information for you to get the job done but helps you track how much you’ve charged the client – to let you know if you need to start raising your rates, how long you expect the project to take and where you are in the process.

I hope those of you who use it find it useful and if you think it can be improved, by all means, I welcome the feedback.

Happy Hustlin’!

Happy Unconditional Love

Love’s In Need Of Love Today

Some people will call today Valentine’s day.

A day where an exuberant amount of flowers, candies, chocolate strawberries and dinners will romantically appear. To honor and acknowledge the day.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you love the idea of love.

But to those who are seeking love, have found the one, building the relationship… may your love have love today and not just it’s mere symbolism.

May you have that unconditional, good morning kiss, pulled into a tight hug, spoon or cuddle position because I never want to let you go and I want you to know I always feel this way day.

May you have butterflies in the stomach, slight blush and gentle squeeze when you hold their hand, I keep catching you staring at me day.

May you have you I am so proud of you and I cannot believe I get to call you my partner, who else can I brag to you about you day.

Sure. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dreams Come True, Not Free

Dreams come true, not free

This is a great Dawson’s Creek line from season 5 or 6.  And yes, I am woman enough to admit that I watched Dawson’s Creek in its heyday (and again when it made its way to DVD and once again when it arrived to Hulu).

That being confessed, there is much truth to this quote displayed as the title.  Dreams come true, they’re just not free.  So the question is, knowing this how many of us are willing to pay the cost for our dreams?

And before you rush and answer you would in a heartbeat, listen (well, read) to what it might cost you:

  • Time with family
  • Time with friends
  • Big occasions or moments like birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries or the birth of someone’s child
  • Sleep
  • Any free time you thought you had
  • Shorter termed goals like visiting an out of state friend or that group trip
  • Dating or a social life
  • Actual money for investment in yourself or the dream itself
  • Splurging on non essentials
  • Making a tight budget really sticking to it
  • Going back to school

And these are just a few I could think of from my own experiences. Again, before you say yes you’re willing to accept any and all of these as a price for your dreams, know that an expiration date is not provided. There is no ticket or confirmation notice that says when you’ll stop having to make these sacrifices. It could be a few months, but more likely it’ll be a few years.

Now, are you still willing to pay the cost for your dreams?

Grant Us: The Amber Grant

$10,000 Monthly Grant for Women

If you have not heard about the Amber Grant, I apologize. To my knowledge, it’s one of the longer running grant opportunities for women in business or women who are going into business.

The grant was founded back in the late 90’s and successfully continues onto today helping women to continue to career and business dreams.

The best part about the Amber Grant is that it is offered every month, every year. Which means you have 12 chances this year to be their next recipient. (11, if you’re just learning about this grant opportunity now).

Last I recall, there was a small application fee to apply. But think of the big picture: $10,00 for your business!!! Are you really going to miss out on 10Gs because of a small fee? I should hope not.

For your chance to be awarded the Amber Grant, apply here.

Guess What I’m Launching This Month!

Coming soon, I’m launching something exciting

It’s my birthday 🎉 month and I love launching and executing projects and ventures during my birthday month. It’s like a gift that keeps on gifting; to me, from me 🎁.

And this particular venture has been on my heart and mind for some time and I’m really upset with myself for not launching it last year when the pandemic hit. But, at the same time, people where losing their jobs, being threatened with eviction, it just wasn’t the right time even if I felt I could help.

As the months continue to plaed6y out, more and more people were seeing and believing how essential it was to have a side hustle. Or, really, just another income stream. So, I have been positioning myself to help those who… want to join the club, so to speak.

During this month, I will be releasing some digital trackers and organizers I’ve created to help the ambitious and novice side hustler keep themselves align to their financial goals.

After all, side hustling is essentially a financial strategy under another name. Why? The word finance can be a little daunting for some, especially if they feel like they’re not we’re they want to be at this very moment. Trust me, I know the feeling. Thus, I want to help others in way I wished I was helped when I first started side hustling.

Stay tuned!