Dreams come true, not free

This is a great Dawson’s Creek line from season 5 or 6.  And yes, I am woman enough to admit that I watched Dawson’s Creek in its heyday (and again when it made its way to DVD and once again when it arrived to Hulu).

That being confessed, there is much truth to this quote displayed as the title.  Dreams come true, they’re just not free.  So the question is, knowing this how many of us are willing to pay the cost for our dreams?

And before you rush and answer you would in a heartbeat, listen (well, read) to what it might cost you:

  • Time with family
  • Time with friends
  • Big occasions or moments like birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries or the birth of someone’s child
  • Sleep
  • Any free time you thought you had
  • Shorter termed goals like visiting an out of state friend or that group trip
  • Dating or a social life
  • Actual money for investment in yourself or the dream itself
  • Splurging on non essentials
  • Making a tight budget really sticking to it
  • Going back to school

And these are just a few I could think of from my own experiences. Again, before you say yes you’re willing to accept any and all of these as a price for your dreams, know that an expiration date is not provided. There is no ticket or confirmation notice that says when you’ll stop having to make these sacrifices. It could be a few months, but more likely it’ll be a few years.

Now, are you still willing to pay the cost for your dreams?

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