Love’s In Need Of Love Today

Some people will call today Valentine’s day.

A day where an exuberant amount of flowers, candies, chocolate strawberries and dinners will romantically appear. To honor and acknowledge the day.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you love the idea of love.

But to those who are seeking love, have found the one, building the relationship… may your love have love today and not just it’s mere symbolism.

May you have that unconditional, good morning kiss, pulled into a tight hug, spoon or cuddle position because I never want to let you go and I want you to know I always feel this way day.

May you have butterflies in the stomach, slight blush and gentle squeeze when you hold their hand, I keep catching you staring at me day.

May you have you I am so proud of you and I cannot believe I get to call you my partner, who else can I brag to you about you day.

Sure. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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