The side hustle tracker I wish I had

After many, many, many years of side hustlin’ (okay, maybe not that many), I’ve often wondered why I never created a simple tool to help me keep track of the various side hustles I took on over the years. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I got everything done on time; I met my deadlines and everything. But my system for keeping track was always spread out over several sheets of paper or in journals. Sometimes I made the attempt to create a spreadsheet in Google in hopes that it was going to help me organize my caseload. But every time I created some kind of tracker, I never knew what I needed to record. And what I need was more involved than name of the client, project task and deadline. All the side hustles I took on were rarely, if ever, in the same niche or industry.

So, for your use, no strings attached, I have created a side hustle tracker. Basic, in capturing the most pertinent information for you to get the job done but helps you track how much you’ve charged the client – to let you know if you need to start raising your rates, how long you expect the project to take and where you are in the process.

I hope those of you who use it find it useful and if you think it can be improved, by all means, I welcome the feedback.

Happy Hustlin’!

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