It’s official! I am taking Female, Single + Hustlin’ to the next level!

Starting today and onward, I will be meeting (virtually, for the time being) aspiring side hustlers and business owners to discuss with them what hustle or business they want to start. And don’t let the pandemic or the current rockiness of the economy stop or scare you from taking the next step in your professional and financial goals. Let’s be real, more money is the financial for the majority of people.

So let me help get you there.

But why we? What makes me so special?

Nothing. I just know what it’s like to be underpaid, undervalued, living paycheck to paycheck, being afraid to take time off work because every hour I worked was an hour of pay guaranteed to keep the roof over my head and the lights.

I’ve also spent the past couple of years networking with recruiters, career and life coaches, getting to peak behind the curtain of they help people with their goals. But also, they knowledge of what employers are really looking for, how to get a business off the ground (although I can speak to this from personal experience) and how to stay discipline when the motivation is gone.

You’ll continue to see free tools I’ve created that you’re more than welcome to use. I hope they’re helpful and I’m always open to feedback if in your experience of using them, something could he changed to be more useful. I’ve also include a few of those tools here too, in case you can’t find it previous posts.

To set up a preliminary Zoom call and see how I can help you, use the following link:

I hope to hear from some of you and create a last relationship!

Now, let’s go tackle March!

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