I See You

International Trans Visibility Day

I think it’s been interesting that we’re ending the month on a day of visibility, in light all the STUFF going on in our little ol’ chaotic country right now. I’ll just be happy to get through the remnants of the pandemic and know what our new normal will look like.

With that being said, I steer away from topics that can lead to divisive commentary. There’s enough hate, there’s enough ignorance and there’s enough closed-mindedness that I refuse to engage just to give someone else a reason to be upset or mad. Gurl, I ain’t trying to be mad, I’m trying to build my emergency fund, establish a travel fund, upgrade my standard of living, pay off my student loan debt and help those I can along the way do the same. I have no time for being divisive.

I did come across a newsletter in my inbox that talked about today’s celebration of Trans Visibility Day (awful segue, I know) and something disturbed me – as a person, as a hustler. There was a commentary piece in there trying to persuade those who believe in only binary genders and sexes that there was more than those two. Let me fast forward – we can disagree and still be supportive. We can see things differently and still respect one another. This whole notion that I am wrong and you’re right and now one of us doesn’t deserve human rights or to be treated like a person, I’m over it.

Do you know how many hustles that be created by any given one person, depending on their skill set and background? All of them would be legit as long as they’re above board. I say that say one than one opinion can be valid and we don’t have to be each other’s throat to prove the other wrong. Let’s agree to disagree and STILL support one another! Still validate each other. Still treat one another with kindness, dignity and respect.

Trans people, I see you. I don’t have to agree with you to see you. But, I see you. You have my allyship and support, because we’re all people out here…


Yo, It’s National Equal Pay Day

National Equal Pay Day

It’s National Equal Pay Day today, ladies. And gents, you can get on board this too. But ladies…hey! Not that this is the only day or chance we have to tell the world that we should get paid the same as a man who does the same work us, but to also a chance for us to set the example.

I’m a firm believer that we, as women, should get paid our fair share and that all starts with having an open and transparent conversation about money. But we got to be the example to ourselves and for other women around us.

To my lady business owners, when you hire other women, negotiate fairly their compensation package. Men business owners, pay the women what they’re worth. To my lady side hustlers, charge a fee worth your time and knowledge and don’t worry if broke clients don’t want to work you. Trust me, you don’t want those broke clients either. They are just headaches ready to explode. You want clients that won’t bat an eye when you tell them your fees. You want clients that won’t b*tch and complain when you raise your fees in accordance to inflation and the cost of living.

Oh, their Amazon prime subscription went up, they still paid it but they dont want to pay you. Tell them to get to steppin’.

I had someone reach out to me for notary services last week, and they needed services like pronto. He also need to travel to him and he was like a 30-45 minute drive from me. So when I gave him the overall fee and broke down the charges, he told me I was too high for him. You know what I said? “Okay”.

I’ll be damn if I’m going to negotiate my fees, especially for an area I don’t service or for an immediate service request. I didn’t get his business but it didn’t mess up my money, because I already had an appointment booked with another client later on in the day. And I didn’t have to deal with a broke client’s foolery. Because I hustle. And I’m good at what I do.

I’m good enough be paid what I’m worth, my fair share. Get your equal pay ladies. If you work hard, get paid right.

And to all the men who are allies, thank you.

Are You Supporting Women-Owned Businesses?

Support Women-Owned Small Businesses

I’ll admit it. I’m disappointed in myslef. 17 days into Women’s History Month and it has just dawned on me that I have not been intentional in supporting other women. Well, that’s not entirely true. My 9-5 is all about that life, but in this safe space, in this explorative space, in this hustling space, in this — space I’ve created, shared, get excited to see others returning to, liking, enjoying what I’ve typed, shouldn’t that be more of my focus this month? Even year round?

Yes, I am a woman-owned small business and I have spent all month (and all year) and many evenings after my job working on my business. In fact, on my lunch break yesterday, I met a client in Hollywood for notary services. Came back home only to book another client in Santa Monica and took an inquiry call from another client. I spent a good amount time working in and on my business. So much so I’ve gotten comfortable and confident calling it my business rather than my hustle. Trust me, I got other hustles.

But while I was with clients, comfirming CashApp deposits (oh, I take the major digital payments – Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and CashApp. Hello!), I hadn’t made time to support other women owned businesses. And it’s not hard to do so. Google has even added a feature that allows you to identify your business as black-owned, woman-owned or LGBTQ-friendly. So, if I really wanted to walk my talk, I could.

So why haven’t I?

Now, I know some people will want to argue that going out of your way to support one demographic over others isn’t fair or right. It should be on the merits of that business or that person. I don’t disagree with that all. But I will say that supporting groups that have systemstically been at a disadvantage is unfair. It’s purely acknowledging they exist and throwing them some business.

Remember when you first started your hustle or business and getting your first few clients were a pain in the ass? Same thing. Except, now imagine you have less to work with (resources) because you never belonged to the “club” that knew the tricks already. Hence, why we should support others when we can.

So I challenge myself to find and support a woman-owned business this month the next time I need or want something. Rather than clicking over to Amazon everytime becaue it’s just easier or because I have an account with them, I’ll be more conscious about where I spend my money. You’re more than welcome to join me. I’d love to hear want you discovered and supported this month!

Supporting women is a good thing. I promise you. 😉

Stimmy, Stimmy

What To Do With Our Stimulus Checks?

Hey, hustlers. I know you know. Stimulus checks are rolling out. And this is round three for us here in the States. And some of you might have gotten your “checks” deposited into your account. If you’re like me and the rest of the JP Morgan or Wells Fargo clients, we’ll be waiting till St. Paddy’s day to claim our own bit of green.

As we talk about stimulus checks and money, you’ve probably read what many experts are suggesting people do with their money as it gets released into their bank accounts.

Hold up! 🛑

Your stimulus check is yours and what you do with it is your business. With that being said, if you have overdue bills, “your business” or not, pay down or pay them off. Unpaid bills don’t go away. They just end up on your credit report as negative marks. Not worth it, I promise you.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have kept earning a steady income through these shut down, stay at home orders and the general pandemic, then you have options here. A lot, actually.

You could…

  • Invest in the stock market, it’s still a prime time as the market seems to be doing great (relatively)
  • Save. An emergency fund has never hurt anyone. Got an emergency fund already? Even better. Do you have a travel fund? Get you one!
  • Fund the hustle/the business. You don’t need no loan, you got stimulus money! Shoe string budgets still work.
  • Get a jump on next month’s rent or pay a month in advance. If you’re still under a year long lease (or 13 months), this is a great idea. Who pays a month of their rent in advance, you ask? Someone who doesn’t want to be behind. HELLO!
  • Pay your website’s hosting for a year. For you GoDaddy customers out there, you can pay your hosting for the next 12 months and get a discount for doing so.
  • Speaking of websites, you can get one built or pay to have a nicer template and make it more user friendly.

Like I said, you options here. Think about it and forward wisely. It’s not everyday that the goverment cuts us a check and expects us to merrily walk back into our lives.

Look What I Wrote: The Single Woman’s Guide to Side Hustlin’

The Single Woman’s Guide to Side Hustlin’ Book!

I feel like Stuart from MadTv, “Look what I can do!”

Well, look at what I wrote! My first (kind of) self published book on a topic that is near and dear to me: Side Hustlin’. And gentlemen, don’t let the name deter you from reading it just because I slapped on the label “single, woman” on it. That’s how I identify myself as, an unwedded woman, aka, single.

This book is a short read, under 90 pages and I did my best to really walk through the simplest of steps to help someone even at a novice level use their current skillset to create a side hustle and start earning some extra dinero! Especially, right now during these times. The pandemic isn’t quite over. Jobs have still been lost, many which are never coming back. This is the right time to start a side hustle.

I encourage everyone to pick up a digital copy and go through the book and really sit in the steps and know that you can create your own side hustle, whatever that may look like. And from there, you can create your own business — if that’s the road you want to take.

One of my favorite things about this book – aside from that it’s finally published, live and not a to-do item – is that I titled each chapter with a quote from an influential woman that I thought spoke to the content in the chapter. You’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

So please, I ask that you show some support, some love and pick up a copy on Amazon! Here’s the link to download your copy: https://amzn.to/3bxWfhb

Thanks a million!

Happy International Women’s Day

Together, we can accomplish anything

Happy International Day, ladies!

Let’s us continue to fight for equal pay for equal work, close the pay gap and get paid what we’re worth!

And gentlemen, you’re not absent in this conversation. Just because we’re focused on women today doesn’t mean that men don’t have a role to play. For you guys out there who have daughters, teach them how to negotiate their first offering when accepting a new job. Why am I bestowing this honor to you? Men are much more likely to negotiate their pay and the terms of their work moreso than women at every level.

Gentlemen, if you a wife or life partner but you handle all the major financial decisions and documents, show her where those documents are, what information they contain and what she needs to know in case of your untimely death. Don’t make her a homeless widow or have to financially struggle in your absence.

Guys, if you have girlfriend or just friends who are ladies, talk shop with them. Share how much money you make along with your credentials. This doesn’t hurt your pay or livelihood in one bit. It just helps her evaluate and what she can ask for.

And ladies, you have the rest of the work to do. So, ask, discuss, meet up and share. That is pivotal to getting our fair worth. Have talks with your girlfriends, your guy friends about money. About credit score, about debt, about lofty goals. Money is no longer taboo which means equal pay should not be taboo either.

Grant Us: Fedex Small Business Grant

$50,000 for your small business

Ooooh, child. Beat me up later, apply now. Deadline is next Tuesday, March 9th.

Yes, I know I’m late sharing this with you, but a wise person who I’ve never met said, better late than never. So here you go. Gentlemen, this one’s for you too, so don’t think just because we’re recognizing women’s history all month long you can jump on some of these grant band wagon.

Apply, apply, apply. And if at first you don’t succeed, apply, apply again (to another grant!)

Learn To Love The Word “No”

Learn to Love the Word “No”

“No” is not quite my favorite word. But I don’t mind hearing it. I’ve gotten use to it over the years. And it’s not presented to me in the safe form. Sometimes it’s a “not right now”, or a “selected another candidate” that looks a lot like “moved forwarded with someone else”. Sometimes it’s pleasantly stated as a “no, thank you”. But “no” is never permanent. And it has never been a been a death sentence. If anything “no” is a stepping stone. For some. I get that no can be discouraging, it can make you feel defeated and often it feels like a final roadblock. It’s not. I promise, it’s so not.

I had to remind my friend Carlos of that a couple of weeks ago. I told him (with love, I promise) that if he wasn’t living the life he wanted in this very moment, he needed to put being tired and fear of rejection on the back burner. 1) He don’t got time for that and 2) fear, although we all have it at various points in our lives, will never serve him.

Stealing the words from the motivational speaker, Les Brown’s mouth, “you will fail your way to success”. Otherwise, you’re not working towards anything. So, go ahead and let them tell you no. You’ve been hearing that word since you were two. You’ll be just fine. In fact, you might fine “no” invigorating. Why? There is so much satisfaction in proving someone wrong after they told you no.

Kicking Off Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month

Let’s kick off Marxh by celebrating how amazing women are and have been throughout history, quietly and boldly contributing to the very fabric of our society.

Don’t worry gentlemen. You’ll find that women are very inclusive. We don’t ever need to put you all down to raise ourselves up.

So shout out to the ladies you are holding it down, rocking it out and doing their own thing because it’s what they want and have the freedom to do. I acknowledge you and so many other fine women this month!