Learn to Love the Word “No”

“No” is not quite my favorite word. But I don’t mind hearing it. I’ve gotten use to it over the years. And it’s not presented to me in the safe form. Sometimes it’s a “not right now”, or a “selected another candidate” that looks a lot like “moved forwarded with someone else”. Sometimes it’s pleasantly stated as a “no, thank you”. But “no” is never permanent. And it has never been a been a death sentence. If anything “no” is a stepping stone. For some. I get that no can be discouraging, it can make you feel defeated and often it feels like a final roadblock. It’s not. I promise, it’s so not.

I had to remind my friend Carlos of that a couple of weeks ago. I told him (with love, I promise) that if he wasn’t living the life he wanted in this very moment, he needed to put being tired and fear of rejection on the back burner. 1) He don’t got time for that and 2) fear, although we all have it at various points in our lives, will never serve him.

Stealing the words from the motivational speaker, Les Brown’s mouth, “you will fail your way to success”. Otherwise, you’re not working towards anything. So, go ahead and let them tell you no. You’ve been hearing that word since you were two. You’ll be just fine. In fact, you might fine “no” invigorating. Why? There is so much satisfaction in proving someone wrong after they told you no.

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