Together, we can accomplish anything

Happy International Day, ladies!

Let’s us continue to fight for equal pay for equal work, close the pay gap and get paid what we’re worth!

And gentlemen, you’re not absent in this conversation. Just because we’re focused on women today doesn’t mean that men don’t have a role to play. For you guys out there who have daughters, teach them how to negotiate their first offering when accepting a new job. Why am I bestowing this honor to you? Men are much more likely to negotiate their pay and the terms of their work moreso than women at every level.

Gentlemen, if you a wife or life partner but you handle all the major financial decisions and documents, show her where those documents are, what information they contain and what she needs to know in case of your untimely death. Don’t make her a homeless widow or have to financially struggle in your absence.

Guys, if you have girlfriend or just friends who are ladies, talk shop with them. Share how much money you make along with your credentials. This doesn’t hurt your pay or livelihood in one bit. It just helps her evaluate and what she can ask for.

And ladies, you have the rest of the work to do. So, ask, discuss, meet up and share. That is pivotal to getting our fair worth. Have talks with your girlfriends, your guy friends about money. About credit score, about debt, about lofty goals. Money is no longer taboo which means equal pay should not be taboo either.

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