What To Do With Our Stimulus Checks?

Hey, hustlers. I know you know. Stimulus checks are rolling out. And this is round three for us here in the States. And some of you might have gotten your “checks” deposited into your account. If you’re like me and the rest of the JP Morgan or Wells Fargo clients, we’ll be waiting till St. Paddy’s day to claim our own bit of green.

As we talk about stimulus checks and money, you’ve probably read what many experts are suggesting people do with their money as it gets released into their bank accounts.

Hold up! 🛑

Your stimulus check is yours and what you do with it is your business. With that being said, if you have overdue bills, “your business” or not, pay down or pay them off. Unpaid bills don’t go away. They just end up on your credit report as negative marks. Not worth it, I promise you.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have kept earning a steady income through these shut down, stay at home orders and the general pandemic, then you have options here. A lot, actually.

You could…

  • Invest in the stock market, it’s still a prime time as the market seems to be doing great (relatively)
  • Save. An emergency fund has never hurt anyone. Got an emergency fund already? Even better. Do you have a travel fund? Get you one!
  • Fund the hustle/the business. You don’t need no loan, you got stimulus money! Shoe string budgets still work.
  • Get a jump on next month’s rent or pay a month in advance. If you’re still under a year long lease (or 13 months), this is a great idea. Who pays a month of their rent in advance, you ask? Someone who doesn’t want to be behind. HELLO!
  • Pay your website’s hosting for a year. For you GoDaddy customers out there, you can pay your hosting for the next 12 months and get a discount for doing so.
  • Speaking of websites, you can get one built or pay to have a nicer template and make it more user friendly.

Like I said, you options here. Think about it and forward wisely. It’s not everyday that the goverment cuts us a check and expects us to merrily walk back into our lives.

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